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Use of illuminator in Makeup – Learn with MakeupOcean

use of illuminator in makeup

Have you ever come across a makeup product named “Illuminator” and thought what’s the use of it? After reading this blog, you will know exactly the use of Illuminator in makeup and also what is the difference between Illuminator and makeup highlighter. So, let’s dissect the use of Illuminator in makeup:

What is illuminator in makeup?

Illuminators are makeup products that are generally applied all over the face for concentrating light on the face.  It provides your face overall glow and the perfect makeup kit to achieve a soft, luminous & radiant glow.

In simple words, it enhances the brightness of your face. Makeup Highlighters are applied on high areas of the face whereas Illuminators are used on the overall face.

What is the use of illuminators and Makeup Highlighters?

Illuminators work to diffuse the light while makeup highlighters are known for reflecting the light. The purpose of both products is to deliver shine to your face. But, makeup highlighters are used on important areas of the face like cupid’s bow, cheekbone & nose bridge so they highlight only high areas of the face but illuminators are used on the entire face so it delivers within glow & is more luminous.

What should you pick up?

Well, that depends upon your requirement! For a structured face you can go for a makeup highlighter however for a subtle & luminous glow you can consider buying an illuminator. Highlighter will help you add more sparkle to the high areas of your face & reflect the shadow of your face. You can explore some top-class makeup highlighters at MakeupOcean.

So that’s it for today! We hope you can differentiate illuminators from makeup highlighters. If you still have any questions, feel free to ask questions in the comment section. 

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