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Best Highlighter for Indian Skin: Illuminate Your Beauty


When it comes to achieving that perfect glow on Indian skin, the right highlighter can make all the difference. Most people in India have a subtle brown skin tone. It requires a completely different approach to bring the glow. 

At MakeupOcean, we understand the unique needs of Indian skin tones and have curated a list of the best makeup highlighters to help you achieve that stunning luminosity. Whether you prefer liquid illuminators or shimmering palettes, we have options for every makeup enthusiast.

Let’s delve into the ocean of top highlighters for Indian skin, each with its own set of features:

1. ICONIC Liquid Highlighter for Women

ICONIC London Liquid Illuminator Blossom 4.0

ICONIC Liquid Highlighter is the go-to choice for those seeking a radiant glow. This liquid illuminator effortlessly glides on your skin, leaving you with a natural, luminous finish. It is affordable too. You can add this highlighter to your makeup bag for just Rs. 209. So, bring a coveted glow to your face without breaking the bank. 

Key Features:

  • Liquid Illuminator
  • Glows Your Face
  • Provides a Natural Finish
  • Affordable and Budget-Friendly

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2. Maliao Moonlight Highlighter Palette

Maliao Moonlight Magic Highlighter Palette

This palette is the perfect makeup essential for those who love shimmering shades. With six unique shimmer shades in one palette, you can create a captivating, glowing highlight that complements Indian skin tones beautifully. The versatile diverse range of shades gives you the option to try different makeup looks. With the super sale discount, you can grab this palette for Rs. 309.

Key Features:

  • Luxurious shimmer shades
  • 6 Shades in one palette
  • glowing highlighter
  • versatile shimmery finish

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3. ME-ON 5-Shade Shimmer Brick Highlighter

ME-ON Glow Shimmer Brick Highlighter 5-in-1

MeOn 5-Shades Shimmer Brick Highlighter offers a stunning reflective shimmer finish that enhances your face appearance from all angles. It comes with five diverse shades, allowing you to experiment with different looks. With a vast range, play from shimmer to translucent to lustrous makeup. Achieve a soft, rosy glow that’s perfect for Indian skin. As far as price is concerned, this compact palette comes for Rs. 269.

Key Features:

  • Reflective Shimmer Finish
  • 5 Shades in One Palette
  • Diverse Range
  • Shimmer, Translucent, and Lustrous Makeup
  • Soft, Rosy Glow

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4. Swiss Beauty Face & Body Highlighter

swiss beauty 01 golden shimmer face & body highlighter

Swiss Beauty Face & Body Highlighter stands out with its creamy texture that ensures a flawless, super-smooth application. This highlighter provides the perfect glow and can be blended on both the face and the body. Enjoy radiant-looking skin effortlessly.

Key Features:

  • creamy textured lotion
  • flawless & super smooth finish
  • suitable for face and body
  • radiant-looking skin

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5. ME-ON Blush & Glow Makeup Palette

ME-ON Blush & GLow Highlighter Palette 8 Shades

Next on our list is a blush and glow makeup palette offered by an underrated makeup brand ME-ON. A powder highlighter palette that delivers a natural luminizing glow. It effortlessly blends into the skin for a seamless finish, and its compact design makes it perfect for on-the-go touch-ups.

Key Features

  • natural luminosity
  • effortless blending
  • brush-on highlighter
  • contains a mosaic of brightening powders
  • mirrored compact design

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6. MARS Glowzilla Blush and Illuminating Highlighter Kit – 02

mars 4 shades highlighter and blush kit

Get a glass-like finish that’s truly captivating. With four unique shades, this highly pigmented and ultra-blendable kit ensures long-lasting radiance and beautifully flushed cheeks.

Key Features:

  • glass-like finish
  • 4 unique shades
  • highly pigmented
  • ultra-blendable blushes
  • Long-lasting

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7. MARS 4 Shades Baked Highlighter Palette – 03

mars 4 shades baked highlighter palette

MARS 4 Shades Baked Highlighter Palette – 03 offers an instant touch of glow with its gorgeous illuminating dewy finish. This palette is known for its highly blendable formula and features four shades, all from the reputable ‘Mars’ brand which you can count on blindly.

Key Features:

  • instant touch of glow
  • gorgeous illuminating dewy finish
  • highly blendable formula
  • 4 shades in one palette

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That’s our list of the best makeup highlighter for Indian Skin. Add these luminizing highlighters to your makeup routine to achieve a stunning radiant look. Get ready to shine with MakeupOcean’s top picks for Indian skin. Remember, the right highlighter can elevate your makeup game.

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