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Smooth your skin with the best Makeup Highlighter in India

Enhance your beauty with the best makeup Highlighters in India available at MakeupOcean. Our exquisite range of face highlighters brings out your true beauty and enhances your fairness and glow. Enjoy a seamless shopping experience with us. Order a suitable highlighter and nourish your skin, make your face the focal point and stand out from the crowd. 

It’s time to upgrade your beauty game with our curated collection of makeup highlighters available online for a seamless shopping experience. Explore a spectrum of options, from convenient stick highlighters to the latest glow highlighter makeup, all designed to enhance your natural radiance. Our diverse range ensures you can find the perfect face highlighter makeup to suit your style, with options to complement every skin tone.

To achieve a flawless finish, don’t forget to explore our additional beauty essentials. Lock in your look with a setting spray that keeps your makeup in place all day. Pamper your skin with nourishing eye cream for a refreshed and revitalized appearance. Dive into our beauty blog for insider insights, including techniques to accentuate your cupid’s bow for that perfect pout. Discover the latest trends, shop highlighter makeup at competitive prices, and elevate your makeup routine with our one-stop beauty destination.

Make your face angular and level up your Face Beauty: Cream, Powder & Brick Highlighters

Face Highlighters help you in getting your face more angular and toned. It improves the skin’s glow and makes the skin more smooth and young. With our upgraded collection of makeup highlighters offered by the leading brands, you can achieve the next level in face makeup. From shimmery highlighters to subtle glow we have everything to get you covered. 

Get premium brick highlighters that are perfect for all skin tones. Our shimmery makeup highlighter palette collection perfectly fulfils your beauty needs and satisfies you in the best manner. 

“Highlight Your Glamour and capture the attention”

What is the use of face highlighter in makeup?

Makeup Highlighters are generally applied at the cheekbone, brow bone, and bridge of your nose to create a radiant and illuminated complexion. It is used on the all high points of the face so when the lights hit your face, it glows. Besides, it also makes your face V-shaped & pointed. You can give yourself a new younger look with a good-quality highlighter that suits your skin. Shop today and get the best makeup highlighter price at MakeupOcean. 

Best Highlighter for Face

Highlighter is something that makes your face skin look young, fresh & radiant. However, sometimes it gets quite difficult to find the best face highlighter especially when you go to a market that is full of cheap products. To tackle this challenge let us share some of the best highlighter palettes that you can bag to draw attention to high areas of your face. Here is the table of the best makeup highlighters with prices that you can bag today in your cart:

ICONIC London Liquid Illuminator Buy Now
Maliao Moonlight Highlighter Palette Buy Now
MARS 4 Shades Baked Highlighter Buy Now
ME-ON Blush and Highlighter Buy Now
Swiss Beauty Face & Body Liquid Highlighter Buy Now
ME-ON 5 Shades Shimmer Brick Highlighter Buy Now

Types of Highlighters for Face Makeup

You can discover all types of face highlighters here including Highlighter Stick, Liquid Highlighter, Powder Highlighter, or Cream Highlighter & Brick Highlighters. A diverse collection makes it easy to pick the best one for you. Ignite your beauty and upshot your makeup. Hide your pigments and give your skin a new life with the best highlighters. 

Shimmer Highlighter

Shimmer Highlighter can help you get glowing skin as it is made up of very tiny sheer particles that bring a sustainable & luminous glow for a long period. It mostly complements light skin tones and brings out the best in you. 

Recommended Shimmer Highlighter: Maliao Moonlight Highlighter

Baked Highlighter

Baked Highlighters deliver within glow to your face and are more vibrant and subtle as compared to shimmer highlighters. It is built with a special baked formula that makes this type of highlighter more blendable & long-lasting. 

Recommended Baked Highlighter: MARS 4 Shades Baked Highlighter

Liquid Highlighter

Liquid highlighters have gained huge popularity in recent times. The best thing about these highlighters is they make your makeup more natural. Apart from that, another advantage is you can combine them with your foundation to create a bit moist base for your makeup. Follow the trend and immerse yourself in the shimmery world of liquid highlighter. 

Recommended Liquid Highlighter:

Cream Highlighter

For a fresh & intense appearance on your face, you can consider a cream highlighter. These types of highlighters perfectly go with dry skins. You can use it to build up a lightweight dewy base. 

Recommended Cream Highlighter

Powder Highlighter

A popular choice in India. Elevate your makeup game and embrace a radiant, lit-from-within glow with our exceptional collection of powder highlighters at MakeupOcean. We understand the power of a well-chosen highlighter, and our range is here to ensure you achieve that perfect luminosity for any occasion. If you have oily or combination skin then go with powder highlighters. Shop for highlighter combo packs under 100 and enjoy the best of radiant makeup without exceeding your budget. 

Recommended Powder Highlighter: ME-ON Blush and Highlighter Palette

All Types of Highlighter available at the MakeUpOcean

You can browse all types of makeup highlighters at your most suitable makeup place. Whether you want to buy a shimmer highlighter or a solid highlighter you can buy it directly at MakeUpOcean. Liquid Highlighters are also available at our online shop. You can get a new look every day with our makeup products. What sets us apart, the Makeup Highlighter price is very affordable at MakeUpOcean. 

Perfect for every skin tone – Glow Highlighter Makeup

Our highlighters collection is cruelty-free and perfect for all skin tones. Your skin tone doesn’t matter you can easily apply it to your face. All the above-listed highlighter powders, highlighter sticks & highlighter palettes are safe to use. You can buy it without any worries. Whether you are looking for Pink Highlighter or Gold Highlighter you will find it here! 

Enlighten your Glow and start highlighting your presence with Liquid Highlighters

So, what are you waiting for? Pick the right highlighter for you and start spotlighting your existence. An extensive collection allows you to play around with colours and maximize your look. Shop liquid highlighter today at MakeupOcean and start showering your glamour all around. We also have an extensive range of liquid highlighters. 

FAQs  for Face Highlighters

What is makeup highlighter used for?

Face Highlighters in makeup are generally used to enhance the glow of the high points of your face. It enhances your makeup and you can get young, healthy & glowing skin with it. 

Where do you apply makeup highlighter?

Makeup Highlighters are applied to cheekbones, nose bridge, Cupid’s bow, brow bones & other high areas of the face. You can also apply it on the inner corner of your eyes & a very light swatch on your forehead. 

Can I mix face highlighter with foundation?

Yes, you can mix cream highlighter with your makeup foundation to create a wet & dewy finish for your makeup. 

Are makeup highlighters and illuminators are same?

There is a big difference between face highlighter & makeup illuminator. Makeup Highlighters provide shine to high areas of your face whereas makeup illuminators tend to provide an overall glow to your face. 

Is there any liquid highlighter price low with a long-lasting formula?

There are so many affordable & cheap liquid highlighters available at MakeupOcean that come with a long-lasting formula. You can easily buy it at our online store. 

Popular Brands for Makeup Highlighters


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